Sweet Dreams


I dream of getting a good night’s sleep. Or rather, I DON’T dream because I never actually actually get  proper night’s sleep on our current mattress.With broken springs galore, saggy bits and even the odd tear, this mattress has seen better days. Look carefully in the photograph and you can make out the dip in the middle that my husband and I roll into each night.

The 23 year old mattress on our marital bed suffers from being last on the list of things to replace in the home, invariably bumped down the list by domestic crises ranging from cracked TV screens and temperamental ovens to emergency operations on family pets and my son’s “I don’t really have to go if you can’t afford it..but everyone else in my whole school is going” educational trips abroad.

So, Furniture Choice’s Sleepeezee Cool Comfort 2000 Breeze Double Memory Foam Mattress (http://www.furniturechoice.co.uk/Bedroom-Furniture/Mattresses/Double-Mattresses/Sleepeezee-Cool-Comfort-2000-Breeze-Double-Memory-Foam-Mattress_504311.htm) sounds like heaven to me. The name alone sounds like poetry. On the Sleepeezee I would sleep easy, renewing my energy to deal with whatever life should throw at me next.


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